Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another ward party

Last Friday was a party for the women in the ward to commemorate Mother's Day (3rd Sunday in October). There was a great turnout!

Back row:  Sister Nievas and her sister, Sister Rojas.  Front row:  Sister Elvita Alduncin, RS president, Sister Ana Marie Lemos and her sister, Sister Gladys Brandan.  In the church, all the women are called Sister and then their last name.

Back row:  Sister Carmen Rasgido and her sister.  Front row:  Sister Imelda Ovejero (mother of 11 children), Sister Rasgido's mother and niece.
                                           The cake sister Rojas made - beautiful AND delicious!

                                                  Sister Monica Sachetti on the right with her niece.

Cute little Virginia Sachetti, Mónica's daughter.  She was busy writing Happy Mother's Day on the chalkboard.

 Sister Rosana Guerrero joined the group this time.

Another sweet group of sisters.  Wish I knew all their names...  The one on the right is Sister Mabel Moreno holding her granddaughter.

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