Thursday, November 3, 2011

A snake and Catamarca elders

We found a snake in our living room this week...  It wasn't that big but still...a snake? our house?  Believe me, it didn't last very long inside before it was swept out.  How did it get there?  Well, it just crawled right in under the front door, as does dirt, other bugs, you name it.
Does it look very big?  Naw, it wasn't (thank heavens!!) but still...a snake in MY house? 

Today we had the elders from the Catamarca Zone over for panqueques con dulce de leche (pancakes with dulce de leche).  Yum!  Dulce de leche is a carmelized sauce - think carmelized Eagle Brand condensed milk.  Yum again!!

Here's the group from the back row:  Elders Valdes/Chile, Kindt/Canada, Guymon/UT, Crespin/El Salvador, Perez/CA, Critchlow/UT, Adams/TX, Nitta/CA, Gossling/GA.  Front row:  Winger/UT, Burton/CA, Richter/LA, Gonzalez/Chile, Auma/Peru.  What a great group of hardworking missionaries!!

We have a family tradition where after we've taken a very nice, serious picture, we then take a silly face picture.  Weren't they great?!!

Elder Flake was transferred this week back to Córdoba.  We'll miss him.  He was riding along in our car and we were able to take this picture.

Look - we didn't even have to tell him to make a funny face!  Goodbye Elders Flake, Gil, Barraclough, and Griffith.  You'll be missed.

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  1. Great pictures! James was excited about his Halloween candy and the pancakes this morning. I hope you don't mind that I added the pictures you took to his blog. Thanks for all you do for our boys!