Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Blood Drive Program and the Córdoba Temple site

Last Friday we went to LaRioja (100 miles south of Catamarca) to attend a program put on by people involved with a citywide blood drive, which will take place in December. 

Sister Ledesma, the stake public affairs chairman, President Valdez, stake president, yours truly, President Daniel Villafañe, president of the Antártida branch, Bishop Alvarez of the Los Incas ward, and Doug.

Doug and President Villafañe (they're great pals), President Valdez, Bishop Alvarez, and President Fuentes, president of the Universidad branch.

The program consisted of a variety show and these little witches danced for us.

Some ladies came out and danced around this sleeping lady.

Then a man joined them in their dancing.

Then she was awakened and out came vampires.  This main vampire danced with her for awhile then bit her on the neck.  Next came the blood people who saved the day!  This was the highlight of the show for the part that we saw before we had to leave to return to Catamarca.  The Church will do their blood drive in December and they love having our church donate blood because they're able to use all of the donations as it's healthy blood.

Behind us is the land where the future Córdoba Temple will be built.  The final approval for building permits is about done and they'll begin the construction.  There was a church building there and it was torn down to accommodate the new temple.  This is behind the Córdoba Mission home and office. 

View from an upstairs bedroom window in the mission home.  Everyone is very anxious for the temple to be built as the closest temple now is in Buenos Aires and it has been closed for over 2 years for renovations.

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