Monday, May 16, 2016

Our Zone in Alto Hospicio

 Here's a new picture of our zone.  We're smaller this transfer cycle with 2 less.
Front row: Elders DeLaMare/UT and Vogel/UT
Middle row: Elders Christensen/UT, Aparco/Peru, Checketts/UT, Francis/UT, us/CO!
Back row: Elders Gordon/UT, Whibley/Canada, Melim/Brazil, Jensen/Canada, Pineda/Chile, Shelton/VA, Parry/UT, Lloclle/Peru, Barney/ID, Faúndez/Chile

I think Utah wins for locations...again...  ;o)

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Our trip to the Volcano Isluga National Park

 Perhaps we got carried away taking pictures but we simply couldn't stop! Mountains with snow on them, hillsides covered with plants giving off a yellowish color, llamas galore, even a flamingo or two! Then there were the volcanoes spewing out their steam and smoke! Enjoy our drive with us!

This picture may seem strange but it's a drainage system that ran along the side of the road for miles.

                                                               I love their smiley faces!!

                         Can you see some smoke/steam at the tops of those mountains? Volcanoes!!

                                                                    More volcanoes...

           I loved the way these tiny villages built their fences out of rocks. They were everywhere!!

            Can you imagine how old this church is? It certainly has been there for a long, long time.

                                                                  Think he's saying Hi!!

                                                                        This one is, too!

                                                         Such a scenic red mountainside.

                We drove by the Gigantic (it's name) geoglyph so stopped again for another view.

Future Missionaries, Branch Activities, and the Beautiful Pacific Ocean

Madeline and Tomás are our future missionaries. As you can see, Madeline has already received 
her calling to serve in the Columbia Bogata North Mission, starting July 13th. 
Tomás is still waiting for his call to arrive...any day now!

Both of them will be outstanding missionaries!! 

Our branch, Tarapacá, recently had an adult activity. It always amazes us how much work they go into to decorate and make everything look beautiful!!

Lots of ladies here as many husbands were up in the mines working their 7-day shift.

                                  Jose Campo, Silmara, Joao, and Rene Lopez are enjoying their meal.

Priscila and President Paolo Peña. He's the district president of Alto Hospicio.

This is Daniela and President Efrain Quispe (our branch president). The green dish is a potato salad with cilantro added. He changed into work clothes as he had to leave early for his job.

The Los Cóndores Branch had a dessert activity where everyone was to bring something to share. I made cookies. We had LOTS of yummy treats to try!

 Carolina and Manuel...they're a super great couple!!

I NEVER tire of seeing the gorgeous Pacific Ocean!!