Monday, June 25, 2012

Zone Conference in La Rioja

Last Friday we had another zone conference, which was held in La Rioja, about 100 miles south of Catamarca.  We always love being with the missionaries and feeling their love and seeing their dedication.  We went down with all the missionaries in our zone in a little 19 passenger bus and it was great being with them (and not having to drive)!  Here's a collage of pictures, mostly from lunch:

  Elders Cerda/Chile, Kayser/CA, Skinner/UT, and Kohler/UT
From the front and around clockwise:  Elders Goggins/GA, Hernandez/Chile, Gilman/ID, Kayser/CA, Skinner/UT, Bethers/UT, Puma/Peru, and Short/CA

Our two sweet sisters: Sisters Zaballa/Argentina and Paz/Argentina.  In the background on the left is President and Sister Salas, mission president and wife.                                                               
Doesn't Elder Bridge/MT look like he's enjoying his bowl of ice cream?
Elders Larsen/ID, Barrionuevo/Argentina, Larsen/AZ, and Ferro/Canada relaxing after their meal. 

Elders Contreras/Chile, Melendez/CA, and Hebertson/UT are very happy to accommodate me and smile for this picture!
Catamarca Zone
Back row:  Elders Bethers/UT, Marquez/Chile/ Puma/Peru, Melendez/CA, Skinner/CA, Slade/UT (in front of him), Short/CA, Bridge/MT, Kayser/CA, Hernandez/Chile, Kohler/UT (in front of him), and Gilman/ID
Front row:  Lawsons/CO, Elder Gallacci, President and Sister Salas, Elder Goggins/GA, Sisters Paz/Argentina and Zabala/Argentina

La Rioja Zone
I don't know everyone in this zone by name.  I do know that Elder Critchlow/UT is the first one on the left of the middle row.  He used to be in the Catamarca Zone. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Argentina's Flag Day

Today was Argentina's Flag Day, a national holiday.  It's June 20th to commemorate the death date of Manual Belgrano, the man who created the flag.  He died June 20, 1820.  The flag was created February 27, 1812 and as this year is the 200th anniversary, that date was also a national holiday.  Here are a couple of pictures we took of various government buildings:

One of the things they do this day is have all the 4th grade students pledge their support to the flag and to the country.  It's a very big deal for these students to do that.  As all students wear uniforms to their school, whether public or private, we saw many children in school uniforms today getting ready to go to this special occasion, which was held at a very large park.  As you can tell from the blue skies, we had a perfect day for the occasion.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful fathers!  Our ward had an activity last Friday where all the fathers were invited to a potluck dinner - furnished by the sisters in the ward.  We brought sandwiches, empanadas, and pizzas plus there was plenty of sodas to drink.  All yum!  Also, the Relief Society, our church's organization for the women, made pillows and bufandas for all the fathers, which they gave out today.

Angelica Valdez painting leaves on one of the pillows.
Monica Sachetti is busy making the fringe for a bufanda.

Ramonita Rojas was the instigator of the bufandas and pillows and here she's busily working on the projects.

Here's Elvita Alduncin, the Relief Society president, enjoying some mate.  We worked on the gifts at her home and she kept busy giving all the sisters some mate, except me as missionaries can't drink it.  As they all share the same straw and spend hours sipping and chatting and relaxing, it's not conducive to missionary work.

Ramonita Rojas and Monica Sachetti visiting before the start of the activity.  Ramonita also made the delicious cake!

Gladys Brandan's very pleased with the sign she made.

Monica and Ignacio Sachetti and Carlos Bayon

From left around to the right:  Daniela and Gladys Brandan, Monica and Ignacio Sachetti, Carlos Bayon, Bishop Brandan, Ariel and Rosana Guerrero

President Valdez, Carlos Bayon, and Daniel Maidana

A great group of men:  Ariel Guerrero, Ignacio Sachetti, Doug, Bishop Brandan, President Valdez, and Daniel Maidana

Here's Doug with his new bufanda.  They gave a few pillows to some of the fathers and the majority received a bufanda.  Today was cold - didn't get above the 50's - and with practically no heat in any of the homes, you really feel it.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Córdoba Temple update

We were in Córdoba last week and took pictures of the temple and wanted to share its progress.  Again, they were taken from an upstairs bedroom window in the Córdoba Mission home.  It's wonderful seeing the temple being built.  Many, many members are anxiously awaiting its completion, which is still scheduled for sometime in 2014.

Beyond the fence you can see the beginning stages of the temple construction.  It's actually bigger than I thought it would look.

This is the back of the temple and the side street beyond the fence.  This street is what the Córdoba Mission home/office faces.
Just another view above of the temple construction.

It will be absolutely beautiful when completed.