Friday, October 28, 2011

The Chayle family

We've been working with this wonderful family since we arrived in Catamarca.  By "working" I mean visiting them, inviting them back to church, etc.  Last Sunday their 2nd son, Brian, was ordained a deacon in the Aaronic priesthood.  Ariel, the older brother, is already a deacon.  They came dressed so clean and ready to help pass the sacrament, that we had to take a picture of them after the block of meetings.
Monica and Manuel are behind Ariel (left) and Brian. 

We wanted to be in the picture, too!  And where were the other two boys?  In bed, sleeping away.  I just love the church's name on the building because it's just like our name tags.

These boys love their birds.  They have 9 cages in all and have caught every single one of them.  They can sing along and make the same sounds as the birds make.  Facundo (left) and Gustavo (right) in the front were the two missing on Sunday.  Maybe next week!

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