Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Feast

Happy Thanksgiving! We celebrated down here as well with our little zone.  Doug and I found a couple frozen turkeys - imported from Brazil for $30 U$S each - and decided we had to have our own Thanksgiving.  The pictures will tell the story:

Waiting for the butter to soften and the finished product.  The miracle?  They didn't burn!  The ovens can't be regulated other than low, medium, and high.

The making of stuffing/dressing.  And where do you mix that much dressing?  Why in the kitchen sink!  See our little turkeys on the counter?  They were yummy.  See my great helpers?  Sisters Brown/UT and Adair/AZ are temporarily living with us while waiting for a pension to become available. 


They look ready to dig in!

Elder Nitta/CA gives it a thumbs up and Elder Adams/TX seems mighty pleased, too.  He also made the delicious gravy.  The drink is what we called Lawsonelli's in honor of the Martinelli's we usually have back home.  It consisted of soda water and apple juice and was actually tasty. 

Looks like everyone is enjoying their feast.

                                                          Not bad, wouldn't you say?

The Catamarca Zone
First row:  Elder Nitta/CA, Elder Gossling/GA, Doug and Nancy, Sister Brown/UT, Sister Adair/AZ
Middle row:  Elder Kindt/Canada, Elder Richter/LA, Elder Crespin/El Salvador, Elder Adams/TX, Elder Perez/CA, Elder Valdes/Chile
Back row:  Elder Critchlow/UT, Elder Gonzalez/Chile, Elder Auma/Peru, Elder Burton/CA, Elder Winger/UT, Elder Guymon/UT

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  1. You guys are awesome!!! What a treat for those boys and it shows by their smiling faces. Thanks for all of your effort and time spent in providing a Thanksgiving feast. James mentioned in his last letter what a tremendous help you are to their zone. Blessings to you both! The Gossling's