Friday, October 7, 2011

Casa Dulce Casa/Home Sweet Home

We moved to our little house!!  On Monday we fed 4 elders some delicious empanadas along with soda and alfajores and ice cream then they worked hard with a little moving company (cost less if we provided the muscles/help) and got everything moved.  So now we're working on getting settled inbetween doing our missionary work.  One step at a time...

                                                        What you see from the front door.

                                                                      Our bedroom.

                                                       Our WONDERFUL kitchen.

                                                                 Look - a real bathtub!!

Our little washer and "dryer".  The washing machine is big enough to wash less than half of the loads we're used to washing and it takes 2 hours to wash one load.  The "dryer" actually is a super spinner.  It really gets the water out of the clothes and then we hang them out to dry.  The dryer is pretty small - comes up to the middle of my thigh. 

                          Our pretty backyard - yes, that's an above ground swimming pool, too.

The easist way to explain where we live is right next to the orange house.  You can find it in the dark!

Moving day was also my birthday and Elder Lawson surprised me with this darling bouquet of flowers.

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  1. So fun! I'm sure it is nice to be settled for a bit. :) (So are you guys allowed to USE the swimming pool?)