Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stake Married Couples Activity

Last night was the LaRioja stake married couples activity.  The same activity was held in Catamarca as well as LaRioja.  We attended the Catamarca activity.  While there weren't too many in attendance, we really enjoyed the evening...night.  It started at 9 p.m. and ended after 1 a.m. (and we're awake to tell about it!).

                                                               The decorations were so pretty.

                  Bishop Diaz and his wife from the Catamarca ward.  They've been members for 5 years.

                                       President Valdez, the stake president, and his wife, Angelica.

             Bishop Brandan, Ambato Ward, Gladys Pavon, stake RS president, and her husband, Hugo, former stake president.
                                                                            The dancers...
                                                                    ...and the non-dancers.
                                      Gladys Brandan, Monica and Ignacio Sachetti from Ambato Ward.

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