Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Snow in the mountains and dogs on the street...

Now that's a pretty disconnected title but I thought it would be fun to show both items.  It rained last week and we woke up the next day and saw a small patch of snow so had to record it.

See that white patch up at the top of the mountain?  Yep, that's really snow and not clouds.  Also, doesn't it look like you can walk down the street and right up into the mountains?  They're truly that close.  Pretty amazing! 

Dogs are everywhere in Catamarca but more so in the area where we work.  One day as we were leaving someone's home we saw 4 of them taking their nap on the street.  There's one in the shade down past the first 2 dogs.  And...none of them moved when we took off in the car, so we drove around them so we wouldn't disturb their comfortable spot in the sun - or shade.  One elder even had a dog jump up and bite him on the shoulder.  Ouch!

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