Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ischigualasto Archeological Park

On our P-day (Preparation or free day), we drove to this archeological park.  We paid for the tour, which consisted of driving on dirt and very rocky roads, to 5 locations to see some very interesting rock formations.  Along the way we saw another set of red mountains - Colorados.  As we're from Colorado and also have what we call Red Rocks nearby, we enjoyed seeing more of the country and this unique landscape.

Can you see the fossil on the lower right side?  It's black in color.

This is called the Painted Valley.

They named this Bocchi Balls Court and it was interesting to see all these round rocks!

It was a warm day but hey, it was 42^C 2 days ago.  In Farenheit that's only a mere 107.6^.  Must admit we're looking forward to moving into our little house and having air conditioning.  So far we're enjoying an air conditioned car and a wonderful fan in our apartment.  It's just the opposite for the young elders as they have a/c in their apartments but hoof it all day out in the sun.  They're troopers, to say the least - and all terrific!

At one of our stops we saw this Guanaco, part of the Llama family.  Their wool is finer and softer than the Llama's.

This rock formation is called the Submarine.

This formation is called the Mushroom.  It was humongous!  Notice the red mountains behind it.  They were magnificent.

We had a 10.5 mile drive back at the end of our tour and we drove so close to these red mountains that it looked as we could hike 25 yards and be right next to them. 

On the way back we also saw a pack of Guanacos.

On our way back we came across a cactus grove!

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