Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Our new zone

We had zone meeting today and took a picture of the zone at the end of the meeting.  What a great group of elders we're serving with!!!

Front row:  Elders Anderson/ID, Anderson/ID (no kidding!), Maki/WI, Balmeceda/Peru&Chile, Los Lawson/CO
Back row:  Elders Herrera/Chile, Gonzalez/CO, Childs/CA, Ruano/Guatemala, Preston/CA, Pineda/Panama, Contreras/Columbia, Aquino/Argentina, Funaro/UT, Modawell/MI, Said/Brazil, and Olsen/UT

I asked Elder Ruano today what he plans on doing during the colder winter months if he's wearing a sweater now.  He replied:  I'll double up and wear two!!  He wasn't complaining, just explaining.

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