Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Money and our Scenery

As you can see, the Chileans have very colorful money.  The exchange rate is about $650 Chilean pesos to the dollar so a $20,000 bill is worth about $30.  The $5000, $2000, and $1000 also have a clear picture in polymer "paper" on the right side.  The money seems to be in great condition, too!

Their coins come in $500, $100, $50, $10, and $1 (which is worth about 1/10th of our penny).  There are 2 different coins for the $100 peso coin.

We were driving down to Iquique on Saturday and stopped at a plateau up in Alto Hospicio that overlooks Iquique.  
We took a panorama picture so you can see the entire city all at once.

Here are parts of Iquique from up above in Alto Hospicio.


When we see this statue of Christ and the flag of Chile we know we're almost home!
The road you see is our return drive.  The road down to Iquique is just above the green area, which we have no idea what it is.  That's a TON of grass for this area!  We're thinking it may be a soccer field.  We see basketball courts all over the place and very few soccer fields.

While up at this lookout area we saw several hang gliders getting ready to take off down to Iquique.

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  1. We are so enjoying reading your posts and looking at the photos....what a blessing you will be to many....thanks for sharing! Prayers from San Diego for you,
    Craig and Gay Dixon