Monday, February 16, 2015

Earthquake Damaged Buildings

As of today we've moved out of our church building so repair work can begin from the damage sustained by the 8.2 earthquake they had last April.  The next day they had a 7.8 one as well.  Our building was damaged more than the other building in Alto Hospicio but it, too, will be repaired once our building's repairs are complete.  Starting on Sunday, all 4 branches will meet in the other building for about 4 months then all 4 branches will meet in our building and the repair work will begin on the other building.  They think it will take 8 months total for all the repairs.

The top part of the steeple fell off.  Our home is about a block to the left of the building.

There are cracks everywhere in the building as well as ceiling tiles gone.  The worst place for that is the chapel.

This is the ceiling in the chapel.

It will be interesting to watch how the repairs proceed.  We're sure they'll do a wonderful job and look forward to seeing it when completed!

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