Sunday, February 8, 2015

Our Home in Alto Hospicio!

This is our home in Alto Hospicio.  They call them condos and ours is the one on the right, surrounded by the fence.  The car, a new Chevy Cruze, is what we are renting from the Church/mission.  Many people are adding fences and cementing around their place.  We're grateful that's all done for us.  As we're new here it's appropriate that our home is green.  

To the right of the water bottle is our little washing machine.  It's a small kitchen but sufficient.

For now we have boxes as our curtains but today we found out who has the curtains and plan on getting them and hopefully get them hemmed and up this week.  The staircase is very narrow but we're managing fine.

We're comfortable with our office, etc.  We're grateful to be here and getting settled, getting to know the members and doing what we can to help.  The people are wonderful!

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  1. Looks like a lovely little pensión! Probably you've got room for a companionship of hermanas in there… ;)