Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our surprise farewell fiesta

Both Ambato and Catamarca Wards had a surprise farewell party for us last Friday, January 25th.  We were so touched to see so many people there to wish us well and say goodbye.

Daiana Cruz and her partner performed some darling folkloric dances for everyone.  They were great!

Hernan and his sister Valeria Pavon, Cami and Luli Ledesma sang a beautfiul song - beautiful voices!

                                        Susana Diaz and her husband Jose Mercado.

Lorena Pavon, Ruben Ceballos, and Sonia Carisso.  The green paper behind is where all the youth wrote notes to us.

                                     Anita Ledesma, Vicki Sachetti, and Daniela Brandan.

Pablo and Edith Quiroga with their children Malena and Matias.  Ramonita Rojas made the delicious cake.

                       Pablo Olima is quite the guitarist!  He's getting ready to serve a mission.

                                                Below are some scenes from the party:

                             Daiana, Jonathan, Sonia, and Daiana's dance partner.

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  1. You were great missionaries and thank you for all you did for those younger ones serving in your area. Have a safe trip and enjoy your homecoming!

    Sheree Gossling