Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Baptisms and Transfers

Florencia was baptized last Saturday.  She's a great person and a wonderful addition to our ward.

                                                         Elder Espinola/Argentina baptized her.

Elder Thorup/UT was tranferred this week - back to Cordoba.  He'll be greatly missed.  Several of Florencia's friends came as well as her parents.  It's always wonderful to have support with such a big decision in one's life.

This is the Acosta family.  David is on the right holding their youngest son Ian.  Yanina is on the right of him.  David baptized their oldest daughter, Ludmila, and 3rd child - they have 7 children.  Ludmila is wearing the sundress on the left.  This picture has part of David's extended family but I don't know everyone's name.  In the back on the left is his mother with his youngest sister in front of her.  Continuing on the back row is his sister Noemi holding their daughter, her husband was also getting baptized.  Elder King/AZ baptized him.  Another complete family in that ward!  The children from the left are Maxi, Ludmila, Belen, Tuko (can't really see her). Gustavo, Noemi's son, and Chochi.  We've come to know and love the Acostas and their wonderful children.  They're a very special family.

                         Here's little Tuko (her nickname) so you can see how cute she is, too. 

Transfers were this morning so yesterday we went to say goodbye to Elder Gilman/ID.  He's been in Catamarca since March so he seems like part of our family.  He'll be greatly missed.

Hermana Saez/Chile began her mission in Catamarca and off she goes to Cordoba on her first transfer.  She grew so much while here and has learned to love the Argentine people (she came with many doubts and hesitations).  We've grown to love her as well!  We weren't able to see the other elders who were being transferred as they were all out saying goodbye to the people they've been teaching.  Changes are part of missionary life.  Good luck Elders Thompson/UT,Chavarry/Peru and Thorup/UT!

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