Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Our final Sunday in Catamarca

January 27, 2013 was our last Sunday in Catamarca.  Doug and I both spoke in Sacrament meeting in Ambato Ward and afterwards we took many pictures with the members in both Ambato and Catamarca wards as well as the missionaries serving in those wards.

                                                                            Ambato Ward

Back row:  Emanuel, Presidente Valdez, Angelica Valdez and her mother Imelda Ovejero  Front Row:  Jeremias and Agustina Valdez, and our future missionary Jorgelina Ovejero (Angelica's sister)
Pochi Nieva, Ramonita Rojas, Imelda Ovejero
Gladys and Bishop Brandan, Ana Maria Lemos, and Daniela Brandan
Jorgelina, Imelda, Veronica Ovejero
Agustina Maidana and Daiana Cruz
Azucena and Miguel Escalante
Ada and Antonio Aguirre with little Tamara and Daiana Cruz, Ada's niece, whom they're raising.

Edith Quiroga with her children, Malena and Matias.
                                  Gabriel Rasgido and Pablo Olima, two future missionaries.

 Catamarca Ward members

David and Ana Brane with their son.
The Ledesma family with Margarita Ledesma.  Their husband/father, Nildo, was attending another ward with his church calling responsibilities.
Carlos Medina.  He serves the Catamarca Ward by cleaning the church building each week.  He also took care of the yard at our home. 
 Bishop Mario Diaz of the Catamarca Ward. 
 The missionaries of the Ambato and Catamarca Wards: Elders Lopez/Mexico, Espinola/Argentina, Argyle/UT, Sister Steward/UT, Elders Harper/ID, Coral/Peru, Silva/Brazil, Sister Gugliottella/Argentina, Elders Washburn/UT, Nillson/UT

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