Friday, January 18, 2013

Our last missionary pancake breakfast

We've had a pancake breakfast for the missionaries in our zone many times over the past 17+ months.  We had our last one with them this past P-day and as usual, it was great being with them.  For many it was the first time to have maple syrup down here - Americans as well as the Latin missionaries - so as you can see, they were all smiles (and, I might add, big appetites).

From the bottom clockwise:  Elders Ramos/Brazil, Silva/Brazil, Harper/ID, Coral/Peru, Lopez/Paraguay, Argyle/UT, King/AZ, Sanchez/Argentina, Hruska/UT, and Swallow/UT

From the bottom clockwise:  Elders Swallow/UT, Espinola/Argentina, Nillson/UT, Lopez/Mexico, Washburn/UT, Sisters Steward/UT, Gugliottella/Argentina, Elder Hruska/UT

The Catamarca Zone
Back row:  Sisters Gugliottella/Argentina, Steward/UT, Elders Nillson/UT, Silva/Brazil, Coral/Peru, Argyle/UT, Sanchez/Argentina, Lopez/Paraguay, King/AZ
Middle row:  Elders Swallow/UT, Lopez/Mexico, Espinola/Argentina, Harper/ID, Washburn/UT, Ramos/Brazil
In front:  Elder Hruska/UT

We'll miss having them in our home and enjoying their enthusiasm with and for each other as well as their missionary labor.  Another great group of hardworking missionaries!!   

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