Saturday, December 29, 2012

La Noche Buena/Christmas Eve

 We were invited to our bishop's home for La Noche Buena/Christmas Eve.  As I mentioned previously, it was a VERY hot day and evening and night - well over 100^.  We ate outside by their front door and at midnight, when the fireworks started shooting off, we raised our glasses to toast the new Christmas  Day.  I realized at the end of Christmas Day that we never took pictures of all the missionaries at our home.  We had a great group and enjoyed our time with them and they were happy to be fed and to use our phones and computer to talk to their families.
From left:  Gladys Brandan, Gabriel Rasgido, Bishop Brandan (standing), Ruben Ceballos, Ana Maria Lemos, and Daniela Brandan.  Gabriel and Ruben are cousins and Ana Maria and Gladys are sisters.  Gabriel's parents went to Uruguay to be with his sisters who are living in that country.  Ruben is basically alone so the Bishop and Gladys invited them to join their family for the night.  Both young men are working on their papers for serving a mission. 

The only difference in the picture below is Doug has joined the group and the Bishop is the one taking the picture.

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