Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Feeding the Elders, a Christmas pagent, and the Cordoba temple

Last Wednesday, December 12th, we took lunch down to the elders in La Rioja.  On the way down we passed this rather large dust devil and had to snap a picture of it.  There were several cars along the side of the road taking pictures of it with us.  While crossing the road it fell apart so this was the last of it right here!
We made pulled pork sandwiches and they were very happy with it.  In front and to the left are:  Elders Peyton/UT, Shumway/UT, Shumway/UT, Kohler/UT, Wood/UT, Chiroque/Peru, Hunt/UT, and Ojeda/Argentina.  Yes, there are 2 Elder Shumways in La Rioja. 
This group I'm not sure of all the names but I'll try.  From the left:  Elders ?, Lindsey/UT, Harper/NV, Diamond/UT, Zanartu/Peru, ?, Canales/Chile, Cabrera/Argentina, ?  Several of these elders serve outside the city of La Rioja so we don't work with them one on one. 

We had a small program where we sang a couple Christmas songs then a community choir of retired people sang several Argentine, folkloric Christmas songs.  Following the music we went outside and had a Christmas pageant with the traditional story from Luke 2 as well as prophecies from the Book of Mormon.  All the youth in Catamarca were able to participate.  It was wonderful!


The Cordoba temple is moving along with its construction.  It was fabulous seeing all the progress they've made since we were there about 7 months ago.

It's now easily visible from above the mission home fence.  It was also a gloriously cool day, only in the low 80's, which was such a relief from the 107^ temperature we were "enjoying" the day before in Catamarca. 

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