Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pictures of activities and times with members

We've been to member's homes and enjoyed a delightful - and delicious - Mother's Day activity with Catamarca Ward.  Thought you'd enjoy seeing our adventures.

We visited the Pablo and Melisa Torres family in Los Incas Ward in La Rioja.  Melisa made this picture of Christ in Gethsemane by placing nails on the board and wrapping thread around them.  Even the "frame" is made with wrapping thread around nails.  Elder Chivoque/Peru is with us while his companion, Elder Hunt/UT, took the picture. 

We also visited Carlos and Laura Machado and their young daughter, Antonella.  Laura is expecting another baby - Tomas - and has had lots of bedrest with this pregnancy.  They live up in the mountains near Los Altos, northeast of Catamarca.

Here's Carlos watering his lettuce seedlings.  He pushes the machine by hand and does it several times every day.  It's getting very hot down here - mostly in the 90's every day.

                                                     Carlos and Laura with Antonella.

This Gauchito Gil location is different in that it has LOTS of empty wine containers.  We'd never seen anything like this before.
Here are some pictures from the Catamarca Ward Mother's Day activity.
Sister Lemos with her daughter, Edith Quiroga, and her 2 children, Malena and Matias.  We've had several meals at their home.
                     The men cooked chicken and served us the chicken with mashed potatoes.

Doug was great help serving the women.  Included in this picture are Carlos Medina wearing the apron and Hugo Pavon in the pink shirt.
Silvina Ledesma is in the center with her daughter Cami on the right and her mother-in-law Margarita on the left.
Hernan Pavon was having a wonderful time eating his Mother's Day meal. 
From the left side of the table:  Bishop Diaz and his wife Ana, Mikaela and Sister Arpires, Sister Dalia, all the Ledesmas. 
From the right side of the table:  Brother and Sister Salas, Gustavo Ortiz and Adriadna Haman.  I don't know who the other women are beyond them.  All the women enjoyed being pampered at their special activity.

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