Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Missionaries, Tafi del Valle in Túcuman, and the Argentine flag

Last Sunday was transfer night - they all leave around midnight to take a bus back to Córdoba - and we have a few pictures of missionaries who either were completing their mission or being sent to another area.  We didn't get pictures of Elders Draut/VA, Skinner/UT, nor Lindsey/UT before the transfer.  Here we are with Elder Auma/Perú and his companion, Elder Thompson/UT.  Elder Auma finished his mission and returned to his homeland, Perú, and family.

Elder Sanchez/Argentina and Elder King/AZ are still in Catamarca.
Elder Puma/Perú and Elder Larson/AZ.  Elder Larson was transferred back to Córdoba.
Sisters Saez/Chile and Castro/Uruguay before Sister Castro was transferred to Córdoba.  We love serving with all these wonderful missionaries and wish them well as they progress in their missions.
Tafi del Valle is a beautiful town in the mountains in the province of Túcuman. 
The mountains surround the town and the higher peaks are covered with clouds most of the time.

                                                       We love seeing the grazing sheep along the side of the road.
Looking down the hillside you can see the windy road as well as the river running alongside it.  See how lush and green it is?!!
We came across this statue of a warrior Indian on the way to and from Tafi del Valle.  There's a lot of Incan heritage in northern Argentina.
We wanted to share a picture of this ginormous flag that flies at the Parque de los Niños/Children's Park.  We took it just as the sun was setting over the Ambato Mountain range.

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