Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pancake Breakfast and Zone Conference

On Monday we had the zone over for pancakes with maple syrup and dulce de leche.  Per our tradition, we took a picture of the missionaries in our backyard:
Back row:  Elders Lindsey/UT, Gilman/ID, Chivarry/Peru, Larson/AZ, Draut/VA, Thorup/UT, Sanchez/Argentina, Skinner/UT, King/AZ, and Argyle/UT
Front row:  Sisters Castro/Uruguay and Saez/Chile.  Elders Thompson/UT, Auma/Peru, Puma/Peru, and Espínola/Argentina.             They're another great group of hardworking missionaries!

On Friday we had another zone conference down in La Rioja.  We enjoyed talks from President and Sister Salas.  They're from Buenos Aires and we have enjoyed getting to know and be with them on our mission.  We also had the privilege of learning from Elder and Sister Zaballos from Chile.  He's from the First Quorum of Seventy and is the first counselor in the South America South Area presidency. 
                                     Elder and Sister Zeballos, Sister and President Salas

Below are pictures of happy and content missionaries enjoying their lunch at the end of the conference.

                                                                   Catamarca Zone
Front row:  Elders Larson/AZ, Puma/Peru, Elder and Sister Zeballos, Sister and President Salas
Middle row:  Elders Draut/VA, Lindsey/UT, Sisters Castro/Uruguay, Saez/Chile, Elders King/AZ, Thompson/UT, Argyle/UT, Skinner/UT
Back row:  Elders Auma/Peru, Thorup/UT, Chavarry/Peru, Sanchez/Argentina, Gilman/ID, Espínola/Argentina

                                                                     La Rioja Zone
We are now working with most of these elders on our trips down to La Rioja.  We don't know all of them but do most of them.  They're another great group to work with.
Front row:  Elders Peyton/UT, Jauregui/Peru, Elder and Sister Zeballos, Sister and President Salas
Middle Row:  Elders Zañartu/Peru, Holtby/UT, Guymon/UT, Wood/UT, ?, Hunt/UT, Santo/Brazil, Lindsley/UT, Harper/NV, Ojeda/Argentina
Back row:  Elders Cabrera/Argentina, Soto/Argentina, Diamond/UT, Kohler/UT, Chiroque/Peru, ?

Here we are with the assistants, Elders Acuña/Argentina and Gallacci/WA.  Elder Acuña was in La Rioja for 6 months and Elder Gallacci was in Catamarca for 6 months and La Rioja for 6 weeks so it was a grand reunion for them with former companions, pension mates, and missionaries.

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