Friday, August 24, 2012


On Monday we had the zone over again for pancakes with maple syrup and dulce de leche.  The maple syrup is a treat and the dulce de leche doesn't get eaten as much. 

From top right with the grey sweater:  Elders Gilman/ID, Kohler/UT, Skinner/UT, Draut/VA, Hernandez/Chile, and Chavarry/Peru all enjoying their pancakes.
Back row:  Elders Draut/VA, Marquez/Chile, Bridge/MT, Gilman/ID, Xavier Carrizo, Hernandez/Chile behind Skinner/UT, Larson/AZ, Gallacci/WA
Front row:  Hnas Castro/Uruguay, Paz/Argentina, James Gossling, Elders Thorup/UT, Chavarry/Peru, Kohler/UT, Melendez/CA
Xavier was spending the day with some elders and James was a missionary who served in Catamarca for 7+ months and he was enjoying time with a former companion.  He came back down after his mission to visit.  Elders Puma/Peru and Short/CA didn't arrive in time for the pictures.
We had 4 young men from our ward over last night to talk about preparing for a mission.  The zone leaders came to talk to them, too.
Ruben Ceballos, Pablo Olima, Elders Larson/AZ and Gallacci/WA, Gabriel Rasgido, and Jonatan Castro.
We saw another tiny car so had to take a picture.  Don't know if it looks all that small, but believe me, it's a tiny one!

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