Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Catamarca Cemetery

Two church members recently passed away and we went to the cemetery when they were interred.  We've been past the cemetery many, many times but have never gone inside.  When we did we were surprised to see that it's like many cemeteries we saw in Buenos Aires, more than 40 years ago:  all caskets are interred above the ground.  We went back to the cemetery on our P-day and took some pictures.  The cemetery covers acres of land.

The families with more money have their own sections where the family members are interred together.  Some even look like little houses, have doors, and the caskets are placed inside on shelves.  Some of the doors you can see through.


Number 3799 is where dear Sister Paulina Rodriguez de Ceballos is interred.  She was one of the first members of the church, joining back in the early l970's.  She is already sorely missed and was dearly loved.

When we returned, the cemetery had already placed a medallion to mark the location of her casket. 
For those who don't have the family locations - and most don't - there are walls and walls of caskets.  Most have also added many treasures depicting what the deceased person loved throughout his/her life.  There are glass doors with locks on them to protect them from the elements.

This was a little baby girl and we thought was especially sweet.

                                                                                             And here's one a family made for their baby son.

In front of the cemetery was a section reserved for the Jewish Argentines, many of whom came here following both world wars.


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