Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baptisms in Aimogasta

Last Saturday we drove down to Aimogasta, a small town of 10,000 people in the northern part of La Rioja province, to attend a baptism.  The mission president just opened this area and they were having their first baptism.   

Elders Barraclough (left) and Gates just moved to Aimogasta.  The Barrionuevo family have been the only members of the Church in that city for more than 10 years.  The father was able to baptize 3 of  his children and it was a very special day for them.  They're holding the church services each Sunday in their home.  Elder Barraclough served in Catamarca for 7+ months and he called to invite us to attend this baptism.

This is the entire family plus two friends on the far right.  Fabian, on the left, was a youth missionary in another city for 6 weeks and he told the mission president that he had about 400 references to give to the missionaries when they arrived.  As you can imagine, they're very busy finding these people and teaching them the gospel of Jesus Christ.

                                                     The baptism took place at this spot where warm thermal water joined in with the cold river water.  It was the best they could do without a baptismal font.  As it's winter right now they were so happy to find something a little bit warmer.  The other great blessing is that this windy town had a very calm, windless day.

This beautiful cake was served following the baptismal service.  Yum! 

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