Sunday, September 4, 2011

Goodbye Hotel Amerian...Hello Apartment!

I love the keys to the apartment!  And there's a key inside on every door.

We decided on a house to rent and just as we thought we'd be moving into the house we learned that the occupants weren't quite ready to move out.  So we kept looking and found a nice little apartment.  As we still wanted to rent the house, we asked if we'd be able to rent the apartment for a month.  The owners agreed to it!  We later learned that was unheard of so we're very grateful for their willingness to rent to us for only a month.  Tomorrow we go make the final arrangements for purchasing the furniture so our new adventure can begin!  Please be patient with the blog as we may not be able to add to it - at least pictures - for this month.

See that little brown door?  That's our entrance to the apartment, which is behind the business.

Behind that front door is the hallway down to our apartment.  That door that you see at the end will eventually have a home built behind it and this hallway will be shared with those tenants.  The house building is just beginning.

This kitchen - this is it!  To the right of the cupboards/sink,countertop will be the fridge.  I'm trying to figure out where I'll be putting the dishes, pans, food, etc., in the four drawers and under the sink.  So many little space!  All the elders care about is when we'll be baking them some cookies!

There are 2 bedrooms and this one has a closet!  The other room is just a rectangular room with nothing in it.  The entire apartment has this tile floor, except in the kitchen.

Our little patio in the back.  To the right of the sink is where the washing machine will go.  The window to the left is our bedroom window.  We'll be cozy and comfy this month.  Our only hope is that it won't get too hot as we won't have a/c until we move into the house.

The view over that wall where the new house will be built.  We can pick the oranges and lemons for now.

Our future home. 


  1. Wow! I thought the kitchen in my new apartment was small... but you've got me beat on lack of cupboard space!! At least it's only for a month, right??

    SO exciting to be gettign settled!

  2. Hi Gma and Gpa! Wow, you're apartment is really small! You weren't kidding! If you don't have a/c, you'll see how "wonderful" girls camp is here is Texas. LOL. Just a heads up, it's MISERABLE!!

    P.S. This is Courtney

  3. I suppose we can do anything if we know there's deadline and something better waiting at the other end. I finally took the time to look at all the blogs and do dorm catching up!! Good luck with he move etc.