Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another week in Catamarca

We took our camera with us this week and snapped a few pictures of the area where we're working.  Please enjoy!

This picture was taken from the car window and is the type of street we drive on quite often.  If you can see at the intersection, the road is paved in the other direction. 

This street sign cracked us up.  The sign with the arrow pointing to the right says Calle Publica S/N which means Public Street Without Name.  There are several streets in a row with the same street name.  The other street with both arrows on the sign is a very main road in our area which we use daily.  Notice all the plastic bags in the bare branches across the street.  The weather is extremely windy right now and every tree and bush throughout the area is covered with plastic bags.  Also, note the white tank at the top of this house on the other side of the street - it's their water tank and every house throughout the country has a water tank like this one.

                                                                             El Borracho
We learned the name of the fat trunk trees:  El Borracho or The Drunk.  Everyone we asked gave us the same answer. 

The Valdez family.  The wife, Angelica, was an apartment companion with our daughter-in-law, Kathy, while they both served missions in the Salta, Argentina mission several years ago.  The husband, Luis, is the stake president of the Catamarca Stake and in visiting with him one evening we learned his wife had served a mission and figured it was about the same time as Kathy.  We asked him to ask her if she knew Sister Bryant (all females are called Sister and all males are called Elder) and that's when we found out they'd been together!  Small world.  They're a very sweet family.

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  1. Love to see the area. It helps to visualize where you are! Love that it's such a small Mormon world and that you found connections to your family!