Saturday, April 18, 2015

Our Great Alto Hospicio Zone!

We took pictures at our zone meeting and everyone had their cameras on a table ready to click away.  We all ran to get together for the pix and it ended up being pretty funny.  At least we all made it in the picture.  You can see flashes in front from another camera going off.  We just love serving with these elders!!!  Elders VanNetter and Martins are new/greenies and Elders Said and Funaro go home next week.  They'll be missed so much as they're so kind and loving and enthusiastic and fun.  When we were talking at our meeting about companionships, Elder Said said something about having a compañera next week and we all had to laugh!  He doesn't have a girlfriend so it was just a joke.  Elder Funaro told us his girlfriend served a mission the same time he did and they were in the MTC at the same time.  Now that would be a bit strange, which he admitted it was.

Back row:  Elders Herrera/Chile, VanNatter/TX (Houston area!), Balmeceda/Peru/Chile, Lopez/UT, Funaro/UT, Hna Lawson/CO, Olsen/UT, Childs/CA, Lawson/CO
Middle row:  Elders Said/Brazil, Anderson/ID, Preston/CA, Carpenter/CO (Arapahoe Stake!), Martins/Brazil
Front row:  Elders Modewell/MI, Anderson/ID, Silva/Argentina, Aquino/Argentina

 One of our last days with Elders Said/Brazil and Funaro/UT.  They'll be leaving Sunday night to go home and we'll greatly miss them.

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