Monday, March 16, 2015

A Wedding, a Couple of Great Elders, More Views, and Iquique's Port

Yennipher and Leonardo got married last week!  Once they were married, Leo was able to be baptized the next day.  It was a wonderful weekend to be part of these special occasions with them.

 The Young Men served the food and President Pena, first counselor in the district presidency, polished all their shoes before the event.  They did a great job!

Yenny and Leo are sitting with Yenny's grandparents, who are in the Las Americas branch, and his parents.

We were impressed with their dancing talents!  They did a Chilean folkloric dance as well as others.

            Their beautiful cake was made by Olfa Montenegro.  It tasted as good as it looks!!

                 His baptism was the next day and again they were supported by their families.

The elders came to help with membership records and showing us online where they live.  We fed them pancakes before getting started.  Elders Anderson/ID and Balmeceda/Peru & Chile seemed happy to accommodate.  They serve in our branch, Tarapaca and are great missionaries.

Here's another panoramic view from another location at Alto Hospicio looking down on Iquique.

From this view you can also see their soccer field.  With that color green, I'm sure it's astro turf.

We went to the port today to take a little cruise around the area but enough people weren't there for the cruise so we'll go another time.  While waiting to see if people would arrive, we took pictures of the ocean and port.  This little island was covered with birds.

We usually see barges whenever we go down to Iquique, which is good because it means that deliveries are being made.

The old ship with the sails (down at this time) is a replica of the ship called the Esmerelda.  It's a Chilean steam corvette (a small warship) and was used in a battle between Peru and Chile.  It was a 4 hour battle and this ship was sunk by the Peruvians in Iquique on May 21, 1879 during the War of the Pacific.


               More views from the dock.

Juan was very kind to us while we waited for the cruise.  He told us about the earthquake and following tsunami and pointed out all the damage.  Then he had us watch a DVD showing the damage and repairs.  This dock we were standing on was the replacement of the damaged one.

When we first got there we saw a sea lion sleeping on this staircase.  By the time we got out the camera he'd slipped into the water and was gone.  Just before we left we saw him again (or another one) taking his morning siesta.  Doesn't he look comfortable?!!!

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