Monday, October 15, 2012

The Castro Wedding Fiesta

We began the evening with Alejandro surprising Yolanda with a little ring ceremony in the chapel.  Then as they walked into the cultural hall "Here Comes the Bride" music started playing. 

                                                         Showing off their new rings.

Hermana/Sister  Ramonita Rojas made these cakes and they were absolutely gorgeous.  Here she is doing the finishing details on them.

Aren't they gorgeous, beautiful, elegant, and just wonderful to behold?

Above:  The first pix is Andres and Jonathan with their parents.  The next one is Andres, Yolanda's mother, Hortencia, and another son, Mauro with his darling daughter.  As you can tell, Andres is an extremely serious young man.
Below:  These men with Yolanda and Alejandro are whom Alejandro works with.  The man in the blue shirt, next to Alejandro is his boss, the man who hired him on the spot when he saw Alejandro helping to unload a delivery truck. 

Pictures show many of the friends and family who came to celebrate with them.  We learned that the newlyweds are quite the dancers!  It was a great evening and we're happy we were able to share it with them.

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  1. So, this might sound really creepy but I started googling "Mormones en Catamarca" and I got to your blog. I started crying when I saw my friends' pictures here! I'm Virginia Cabrera Oliphant. I'm from Argentina but I live in Logan UT right now. You are so blessed for being able to spend time down there. I left Argentina almost three years ago and I miss them all SOO MUCH. I can't wait to come down! Thanks for sharing!