Friday, October 12, 2012

Castros are Married!!!!!

Alejandro and Yolanda Castro are now married!  They've been together for about 30 years and couldn't get married because Alejandro's first wife was kidnapped and missing back in the 1970s.  That was the time when the military was in charge of the government.  As her body was never found, he couldn't prove she was dead.  About 10 years ago her body was found in a mass grave with 9 other people.  Today they made it official!

Here they are waiting for their appointed time.  In Argentina everyone must be married in a civil ceremony before anything else.  They told us they were nervous and anxious for their turn.

Here are Alejandro and Yolanda with their 2 youngest sons, Andres on the left and Jonathan.  They have 5 sons.  Jonathan is ready to start his paperwork for serving a mission.  We're hoping Andres will be able to serve a mission in a year (he just joined the church). 

Hortencia is Yolanda's mother.  She dearly loves Alejandro and they have fun teasing each other.  She was baptized earlier this year. 

Alejandro had to provide a thumbprint before we started.  Doug and I were the witnesses. 

The two people presiding took turns performing the civil ceremony.  They were advised on the importance of the family, what the husband's and wife's roles are, and how to care for one another.
They stood for the formal ceremony part.
They hugged...and we hope live happily ever after.
From left:  Mario Gomez, Hortencia, Andres, Yolanda and Alejandro, Jonathan
                                 Alejandro and Yolanda with their marriage certificate.

From left:  Jonathan, Mercedes, Ada holding Tamara, Daiana, Alejandro and Yolanda, her sister, and her mother Hortencia.  It was a happy group, special day, and very special moment to be able to be part of.  Alejandro couldn't get the day off work as he recently started a new job.  He didn't want to walk back down alone to where his moto was parked so we drove him there before taking Yolanda, Hortencia, and Andres back to their home.  Yolanda said she planned on making empanadas during the siesta for the little fiesta being held at the church tonight before heading out the door to her afternoon job.  Life definitely goes on, even though it's their very special wedding day.  We wish them all the best and look forward to hearing about their temple sealing in a year.

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