Thursday, July 5, 2012

An Early 4th of July Celebration and a Catamarca Parade

We celebrated the 4th of July 2 days early - on our usual P-day - with our zone.  They came to our home and had pancakes with dulce de leche AND maple syrup.  They were happy campers.  Today's another holiday in Catamarca, celebrating the birthday of their province.  There was a parade held this morning and we went to it to see Sara and Aaron Castro perform with the youth band.

Elders Puma/Peru, Slade/UT,  Kayser/CA, Bridge/MT, Skinner/UT, and Bethers/UT are anxiously awaiting their pancakes.
Elders Marquez/Chile, Short/CA, Gallacci/WA, and Bethers/UT

Elders Slade/UT (behind the flame), Kayser/CA, Bridge/MT, and Skinner/UT who was enjoying a very festive candle for his birthday, which was a few days before.

Elders Bethers/UT (in front), Goggins/GA, Kohler/UT with Elder Melendez/CA with the cameras.
Front row:  Elders Marquez/Chile, Melendez/CA, Bridge/MT, Goggins/GA, Kohler/UT, Puma/Peru, and Skinner/UT
Back row:  Elders Gilman/ID, Bethers/UT, Kayser/CA, Slade/UT, Gallacci/WA, Hermandez/Chile, and Short/CA
The sister missionaries never made it to our house for the activity and we missed them.  We got a picture of them at the next zone meeting.
Sisters Paz and Zaballa are both from the Buenos Aires area.

No parade in Argentina is complete in Argentina without their gauchos.

Next it was followed with folkloric dancers, which is very popular down here.

Aaron Castro is the smallest drummer in the back.
Sara Castro is the smaller one in the back of this picture.  She plays the clarinet.
Sara and Aaron with their instruments after their part of the parade.

We gave them some money afterwards to buy a treat.  They had these kinds of vendors all over the place.  All in all it was a very fun experience for us to watch.

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  1. Dear Elder and Sister Lawson--Sorry to drop in on your blog. My name is Kerry Cole and I served for a year in Catamarca in 1977-78 (yes a whole year!). I'm giving a talk in my ward in two weeks, going to mention Catamarca and Argentina, so I was perusing related church websites and found your blog. I was enjoying seeing photos of the area again after 35 years and my jaw dropped and tears came to my eyes when I saw my great friends Mario Gomez and Ana Maria Lemos. If you get a chance please ask them if they remember me and give them my love. Alot of elders have passed through in the intervening years and they may not remember. Ana Maria had daughters and I suspect they're in your photos as well. Tell Mario he's looking old. Ha ha. I loved those people like you can't believe. Another friend was Victor Garribia, if you ever see him. It was a small struggling branch then and now I see multiple wards and branches and real church buildings. What a blessing. Catamarca and those beautiful members are always near my heart. Again, sorry to intrude on your blog. I can be reached at Thank you.
    Kerry Cole