Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dinner with the Bambicha, Parmigiano, and Rojas families

On Sunday we ate with Claudio and Eli Parmigiano, Carlos and Viviana Bambicha, Eli's and Viviana's sister Mariana, their mother Sister Rojas, and all their children.

From left is Esperanza P., Mariana, Efrain and Alens and Carlos and Julieta and Viviana Bambicha, moi, Claudio and Eli and Victoria Parmigiano, and Sister Rojas. 

This one includes Doug but not Eli.  They're a wonderful family. 

This is an awful picture of Esperanza but I wanted to show the food.  We had milanesa and mashed potatoes.  Milanesa is flattened meat (beef, chicken, or pork - this one was beef) that has been breaded and fried.  The topping on the mashed potatoes was a homemade marinara sauce and all was very good.

Above is Victoria and to the right is Julieta.

Efrain and Alens.  Alens is getting ready to serve a full-time mission for our church so he gave the thumbs up, which is the typical pose for the young elders.  The bags you see there are mayonnaise (larger whitish bag) and mustard, which they also put on their potatoes.  Suitty is a local brand of a Cola drink.

Here's a random picture Doug took of a Coca-Cola sign.  It's older and he just liked it. 

Finally, the blog can't be complete without more pictures of a Catholic cathedral.  These are taken from the main cathedral in Catamarca.  This Friday is a big national holiday so they had the streamers (for lack of a better word) inside the cathedral to commemorate the upcoming holiday, which celebrates the beginning of their independence from Spain in 1810.  Blue and white are the colors of their flag and I have no idea what the yellow and white colors represent.

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