Monday, May 28, 2012

Another 25 de Mayo celebration

May 25th is Doug's birthday and we celebrated it in grand style this year.  First, our bishop and his wife, Jorge and Gladys Brandan, had breakfast delivered to our home that morning.

Then...we ended the day by celebrating with a few people and enjoyed empanadas and a beautiful, delicious cake.  Below are Camila, Delicia and Ezekiel Moreno (sister and brother), Mario Gomez, Doug, Nancy, Karlita and Walter Chaile (another sister and brother).

Today we had an asado/BBQ with Pablo and Edith Quiroga and family and friends.  Below are:  Pablo Quiroga, Ana Maria Lemos, Ramonita Rojas, Nancy, Bishop Brandan, Gladys Brandan, Mario Gomez, Matias and Edith and Malena Quiroga. 

Malena and Matias Quiroga with Doug.

Doug enjoying his birthday cake.  That's quite the candle, isn't it?!! 

Back row:  Ana Maria Lemos, Ramonita Rojas, Pablo Quiroga, Bishop Jorge and Gladys Brandan, and Edith Quiroga with Malena and Matias between Nancy and Doug. 

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