Monday, January 16, 2012

Our Drive in the Mountains

For P-day today we decided to go for another drive as we learned a road had recently opened between two pretty little towns - La Puerta and El Rodeo.  We really enjoyed the drive as it was so scenic as well as much cooler.

We drove from La Puerta over to El Rodeo and loved the scenery.  They'd done a lot of blasting away of the mountain to make room for the road.  It looked like in parts they'd even changed the flow of the Rio Ambato/Ambato River.  More greenery, which is always such a beautiful sight to behold!

As we reached El Rodeo we saw their statue of the Virgin Mary.  Then as we drove further we came across this very interesting statue paying tribute to the men who built the road.  Just beyond the statue was an intriguing monument of the men building the road. 

We saw another beautiful little yard in El Rodeo so had to snap a picture of it.  We just don't see these kinds of yards with so many flowers, trees, and lawns in Catamarca. 

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