Monday, January 9, 2012

Día de los Reyes

January 6th is Día de los Reyes or Day of the Kings - the day Argentines celebrate when the 3 wise men came from the east to visit the Christ child.  The night before the children leave hay/straw and water to feed the camels and in return, they leave toys for the children. Argentina, Santa doesn't bring all the toys and surprises to the children.  That morning, we found a surprise in our freezer (and we didn't even leave hay/straw and water) and the sisters had a conspiratory smile on their faces.  Here's the proof:

We first saw this little sign on our refrigerator...

Then when we opened the freezer, we saw a wonderful ice cream gift.  Lucky us!!!

Gracias Hermanas/Sisters Brown/UT and Adair/AZ!  Saturday morning they moved out of our home into their own pensión/apartment.  We're empty nesters once again and miss their smiling faces and happy spirits.  They're great missionaries!

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