Friday, August 28, 2015

We finally got a picture of our zone just before transfers.  We just love working with these missionaries and they've found that the work is very, very sweet!  They work hard and they're very happy. It's such a pleasure knowing them. Notice that the Latin elders are from 7 different countries and the Americans from 5 different states!

Back row: Elders Cable/CA, Parpal/Argentina, Solis/Chile, Mariscal/Bolivia, Los Lawson/CO, Joos/UT, Martins/Brazil, Oribe/Argentina, Prada/Columbia
Front row: Elders Medina/Paraguay, Jaramillo/Chile, Wanderley/Brazil, Silva/Argentina, Barrington/UT, Reid/UT, Rodriguez/Mexico, Walker/UT, Phillips/NV, Beltran/ID

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