Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Baptism, The Santiago Temple, and our Wonderful Zone

Cute little Bruno was baptized by his stepfather, Pedro.  As you can see, he was quite excited for this special event.

His mother, Miriam, is a very enthusiastic person.  His sister, Francisca, was also excited for him.

We always need to get a picture outside in front of the chapel!

We loved seeing and being able to attend the Santiago Temple. It's a small temple, situated on a very busy street.  Behind the temple are beautifully maintained grounds and a hostel where we were able to stay.

Our mission in Antofagasta is in the driest part in the world so we marveled at all of the beautiful greenery, flowers, grass...and so well groomed, as are all temple grounds.  The building behind all the greenery is the hostel where we stayed.

A beautiful night scene of the temple.

We had zone meeting this week so were able to take a picture of our great zone.  Please notice that the Argentines are sitting on the front row with us.  That was them!  
Front row:  Elders Silva/Argentina, Los Lawson/CO, Aquino/Argentina, Childs/CA
Middle row:  Elders Herrera/Chile, Solis/Chile, Wanderley/Brazil, Balmeceda/Peru-Chile, Lopez/UT, Mariscal/Bolivia, Modawell/MI, Martins/Brazil
Back row:  Sargent/UT, VanNetter/TX, Carpenter/CO, Barrington/UT, Medina/Paraguay, Cable/CA
This is quite the international group!

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