Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Argentina's Flag Day

Today was Argentina's Flag Day, a national holiday.  It's June 20th to commemorate the death date of Manual Belgrano, the man who created the flag.  He died June 20, 1820.  The flag was created February 27, 1812 and as this year is the 200th anniversary, that date was also a national holiday.  Here are a couple of pictures we took of various government buildings:

One of the things they do this day is have all the 4th grade students pledge their support to the flag and to the country.  It's a very big deal for these students to do that.  As all students wear uniforms to their school, whether public or private, we saw many children in school uniforms today getting ready to go to this special occasion, which was held at a very large park.  As you can tell from the blue skies, we had a perfect day for the occasion.

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