Monday, April 16, 2012

Argentine Gauchos

This past weekend was some sort of gaucho/cowboy activity and we loved seeing the gauchos arriving on Saturday.  As we were leaving town to drive down to La Rioja both Saturday and Sunday, we saw them arriving on Saturday, and then heading out of town on Sunday.  As you can see, Saturday was a cloudy, rainy day.  Today we saw more gauchos up in the mountains east of Catamarca as they were returning to their pueblos/towns in that direction.  The paper said there were 10,000 gauchos in Catamarca for the weekend. 

Hey, wait a minute.  That doesn't look like gauchos.  Oh right...we took the sister missionaries up to the mountains this morning to see the view of the city.  It was gorgeous being up there, as always!
Man oh man, were they excited!!

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