Sunday, March 25, 2012

Corn and cats...

We were driving home from our visits one day last week - in town and in our area - and we noticed HUGE piles of corn at every fruit and vegetable stand.  So we stopped and bought 4 ears.  They cost about $.25 each and were humongous.

Looks pretty big, doesn't it?!

We had 2 elders over for lunch and enjoyed sharing the corn with them.  But...I do have to say this:  the flavor wasn't as good as at home.  That part was disappointing.  Nevertheless, it sure was fun having fresh corn-on-the-cob!

Now look at these darling cats I just found out in our backyard!  The one in front is just a little kitten.  That was a fun find this afternoon!  I was sitting in the kitchen reading my scriptures and having some study time online when I looked up and saw some friends in the backyard.  They look pretty comfortable so I'm guessing this is a fairly frequent thing they do.  It beats our coming home one P-day and finding a dog in our backyard, barking away frantically.  Later that week I saw a dog up on the back wall and decided that's how the other one came to be in our backyard.  At least cats can jump fences and leave whenever they want.

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