Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another late night activity

Our stake, La Rioja, had another dance last Friday and we went and enjoyed ourselves.  Those in attendance had a great time.

It was a potluck dinner and we were asked to bring either sandwiches (white food on plate), pizza, or empanadas.  These sandwiches are 3 layers and usually have ham on one of the layers with lettuce or tomatoes or eggs or something like that on the other layer, then they're stacked on top of each other.  They're called sandwich de miga.  The pizza is cheese - mozzarella - with a green olive (seed included) on each slice.  That's an extremely common kind of pizza.  These empanadas (below) were made with hamburger and were fried.  You can get them with meat (hamburger), chicken, ham and cheese which are all cooked before frying or baking them.  Or  you can get a kind called √°rabe (Arabian) which has the meat uncooked before the baking or frying process.  All are very common.

A few in attendance:  me, Angelica Valdez, Sister Correa, Gladys Pavon, Doug, Gladys Brandan, and Elvita in front.

We were raising our arms like we were dancing...or something like that.  From left to right:  President and Angelica Valdez, Doug and me, Elvita, Hugo and Gladys Pavon, David and Ana Brana, Hector in the back, Bishop and Gladys Brandan.

The dance was in honor of the Dia de Amorosos or Valentine's Day.

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