Friday, December 2, 2011

Cars for sale and our backyard.

How do you know a car is for sale in Catamarca?  Look and see:

They put an orange cone or something similar to what's in the picture on top of the car and Voila! you know it's for sale.  This is a common site all over town.

I love our little backyard with the Bougainville and flowering trees.  The above ground pool won't be used because it leaks water and we're not here to put it to use nor want to pay for all that water.  But it did a great job drying out all the bread cubes for the stuffing for Thanksgiving (we set all the pans out on the edges of the pool)!  There's no sprinkler system so I water the yard by hand several times a week and my goal is to keep everything alive while we live here and not kill anything. So far so good. :o) 

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